At SVCS we have both dedicated Computing lessons and a cross-curricular approach to ICT which means all departments use technology as part of normal subject teaching.

The emphasis in computing lessons is to develop a studentís ability to create computer programs and applications as well as giving students an understanding of computer technology and how it works.

Every student has a private file storage space on the schoolís computer network and a variety of learning resources within our network will be available on the web for those with home internet access.

Key Stage 3
All students from year 7 will start developing their programming skills using Scratch and progress to more complex languages such as BYOB, HTML, KODU or Weejot. By year 9 students will start writing code in the Python programming language which is used for GCSE Computing at Key Stage 4.

Students are able to develop a wide range of basic computer skills that include word processing, use of excel and databases as well as using the internet for academic research. In addition subject units include Binary, Systems architecture, Networking, Algorithms, Data Analysis and IT security are covered at KS3 using a variety of computer platforms and applications in our dedicated computer suites.


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