GCSE Subjects



From September 2018 we will be offering the following GCSE subjects to all our students. Students will be required to take core subjects and make individual choices of additional subject options according to their personal strengths and interests. All of the subjects on offer will provide the students with fundamental knowledge that they will be able to take forward into higher education, vocational qualifications or the work place.


Statutory Subjects:




In addition to English, Maths and Science, students are required to study Religious Studies and PSHE, as well as PE in Years 10 and 11.  RS and PE may also be taken as GCSE course options.  Additional subject options can be made using an option block system.  Students will pick one subject from each of the 5 option blocks.  A second choice may be picked but we aim to allow each student to study their first choice option. 


Additional Subject Options:




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