"Geography is a subject which holds the key to our future."
Michael Palin (President of the Royal Geographical Society & a Monty Python)

At SVCS we believe Geography to be an exciting and dynamic subject that affects us all in a rapidly changing world! Here in the Geography department we believe in providing students with a variety of stimulating and interesting lessons, we are also a member of the Geographical Association. 

In addition to this Geography:

  • Provides pupils with knowledge and understanding of people, places and the environment.
  • Allows pupils to develop and practise a wide range of skills, for example:

Practical Skills e.g. fieldwork.

Intellectual Skills e.g. problem solving, decision making.

Social Skills e.g. group work.

Literacy Skills e.g. extended writing.

Numeracy Skills e.g. constructing graphs.

Graphical Skills e.g. communication of spatial information.

ICT Skills e.g. presenting information using ICT resources.

Thinking Skills e.g. learning how to learn.

  • Allows pupils to develop and clarify their attitudes and values towards people, places and environments in a multicultural society as part of the global community.



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