Our aim is to foster a deep interest and independent curiosity about the past. Our challenging and interactive history curriculum promotes independent thinking and encourages all students to question what they are taught or have researched.


We are very fortunate to be situated in an area rich in Roman and Medieval history; so much of which is evident in local villages and landscapes. At Stour Valley Community School, we seek to exploit the opportunities afforded by the history on our doorstep, especially in the earlier year groups. As students move up through the school, the history curriculum will have more global reach and develop an understanding of how events and changes at a local level have often been part of much wider national or global developments.


The history curriculum is designed to develop critical thinking. Such skills are necessary to challenge and interpret varying primary and secondary sources and foster a deeper appreciation of students’ cultural heritage and the wider world.


History further develops literacy in all year groups, encouraging the effective organisation of ideas and subject-specific vocabulary. Regular use of IT ensures that the widest possible range of sources are explored and students can use technology to develop their thinking and present their ideas in a more interactive way.


GCSE History at Stour Valley Community School has undergone a great deal of change. Our Year 10 students are embarking upon a brand new GCSE programme which will be awarded the new 9-1 assessment criteria. Our GCSE uses the Oxford and Cambridge Examinations Board.


Click on this link to see an overview of History at Key Stage 3 - History 2017-2018


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