The Mathematics Department follows a traditional syllabus based upon the current National Curriculum.


A brief outline of the curriculum content is detailed below.


Number and Algebra – Fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios, proportion, powers, equations, formulae, sequences functions and graphs.


Shape and Space – Properties of shapes, geometrical reasoning, similarity, congruence, theorems, transformations, co-ordinates, measures and constructions.


Data Handling – Collecting processing and interpreting data, probability.


Ratio, proportion and rates of change – A new strand of mathematics, previously incorporated under Numeracy, to prepare students for the new GCSE beginning in 2015.


For all students our aim is the same; to  present  work that challenges, stretches and excites  on a daily basis, in an environment that celebrates progression and excellence and is supportive of those who may, in years to come, break the boundaries of what we know and understand.



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