Parent Voice Meeting



As part of our continuing strive to make Stour Valley Community School a unique learning experience for our students I would like to invite you to a new Parent Forum that is being set up this term.  Parent Voice is designed to give the parents and carers of our students an opportunity to discuss ideas regarding future developments in the day to day working of the school. At each meeting a different topic would be available for discussion with the aim being that ideas generated would be fed back as suggestions regarding how to further enhance our school.


At different meetings it may also be possible for teachers representing different parts of the curriculum to come along to put ideas to parents regarding new learning initiatives as your views are highly valued.


There would also be an opportunity for parents and carers to ask questions regarding aspects of the school which can be looked into and fed back to the group.


The next meeting - date to be advised.


I appreciate it may not always be possible for parents and carers to attend in person due to other commitments, however if you are interested in attending meetings or being put onto the forum email list to receive the minutes of the meeting, please feel free to contact the Headteacher – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


All discussions will be focused on whole school community development and will not be focused upon individual students. Should you wish to have a discussion regarding a specific student, please contact the school directly to make an appointment.


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