Key Stage 3 Programme of Study


Year 7

Unit 1a Memories and Moments (study of biography and autobiography)

Unit 1b A Christmas Carol (literary study of Charles Dickens’s classic)

Unit 2a Greek Myths (in translation)

Unit 2b Exploring Ballads (analysing, researching, writing and performing)

Unit 3a Literary Time Travel (a time travel quest exploring literatures great moments)

Unit 3b Shakespeare Shorts (exploring and researching the history and performance of one of the plays)


Year 8

Unit 1a Studying a Novel – part 1

Unit 1b Studying a Novel –part 2

Unit 2a Non-fiction and Media (analysing and producing non-fiction and media texts)

Unit 2b A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Shakespeare in performance – analysing and directing)

Unit 3a Secrets and Legends (exploring the world of myths, secrets and legends through non-fiction texts)

Unit 3b War of the Worlds ( exploring the genre of science fiction in text and film)


Year 9

Unit 1a Studying the novel

Unit 1b Studying the novel and poetry (exploring and analysing literary texts – moving towards GCSE analysis)

Unit 2a Non-fiction and Media

Unit 2b Imagery in Poetry

Unit 3a Studying Shakespeare

Unit 3b Modern Drama (exploring Gothic fiction through a modern one-act play)


Key Stage 4

We currently follow the Edexcel English Language and Literature GCSEs.

As of September 2015 we will be following AQA English Language and Literature – details to follow.



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