Technology Subject Introduction


Technology holds an unique place within the school curriculum, it is the subject of the man-made world around us and how we interact with it, and so one of the major strengths of all the subject specialisms taught within the Technology department lie in their ability to help students identify potential improvements to current products and processes, and so empower them to try to improve current products and change the world around themselves for the better.


All the subject specialisms teach students to apply creativity; intellectual understanding; and practical skill with materials, ingredients, techniques and processes to produce original and innovative products and items, and so can also help change the way that the students see the world and their place in it. As a subject it also prepares students to become confident users and consumers of new and future technologies.


The Technology department at Stour Valley Community School is exceptional well-resourced  and allows students to gain experience in both traditional and modern forms of design and manufacturing including the latest versions of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, Laser cutting and 3D printing.


Students have the opportunity to study the following Technology subjects at Stour Valley Community School – Graphics; Resistant Materials; Textiles and Food. In KS3 at Years 7 and 8 students study Resistant Materials, Food and Textiles in a rotation system, and in Year Nine students also start Graphics as a stand-alone subject. If students then choose to study any of subjects further we currently offer GCSEs in Graphic Products, Resistant Materials, Textiles and Hospitality and Catering.



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