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  • Staff

Miss C Bank

Deputy Headteacher/Safeguarding & LAC

Miss P Beardmore


Mrs M Bevan

Learning Support Assistant

Mr J Bird


Mrs A Brown

Teacher : MFL

Miss S Brown

Learning Support Assistant

Mr T Brown

ICT Network Manager

Ms K Chappell

Teacher : Pyschology & RS

Mrs R Chester

Subject Leader: Religious Studies/ Yr 8 Leader

Mr A Coe

Subject Leader: Technology

Mr J Craig

Faculty Leader: Humanities

Mrs K Cullimore

School Business Manager

Mrs C Cutter

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs S Drury

Teacher: Maths

Miss D Duffy

Faculty Leader: Creative Arts

Mrs K Eady

Exams & Data Manager

Mr G Essex

Subject Leader : Business / Teacher : Maths

Mrs I Gill

Teacher: English / Drama

Mr J Hayes

Faculty Leader : Maths

Mrs K Higgins

Teacher : English/Teacher : Drama

Miss L Howard

Teacher : Humanities

Mrs D Hutchinson

Subject Leader: Music

Mrs H Iannone

Teacher : Technology

Mr A Jenkins

Faculty Leader: Science

Mrs R Kelly

Headteacher SVCS / CEO SVET (MAT enquiries)

Mrs S Kemp

Finance Officer

Miss M Kornasova

Learning Support Assistant

Mr R Lee

Subject Leader: Computing / Yr 11 Leader / E-Safety

Mr N Leppard

Faculty Leader: PE / Dance / Yr 10 Leader

Mrs L Magowan

Subject Leader : MFL

Mr S Mansfield

Teacher : Science / Teacher : PE

Mrs L Mayes

Subject Leader: Art / Photography

Mrs C Middleton

Second in Maths / Teacher : Science

Miss M North

Teacher : PE / Yr 9 Leader

Miss K Norton


Mr J Nunn

Assistant Headteacher/Safeguarding

Mrs R Plumb

Teacher : Art / Yr 7 Leader

Mrs H Porter

Cover Supervisor

Mr M Prendergast

Teacher : Science

Mrs S Roberds

Site Manager

Mrs G Rule

H.R. Assistant

Miss L Savage

Teacher: English

Mr N Spalding

Faculty Leader: English

Mr D Stephens

Teacher : Technology

Miss E Stewart

Special Education Needs Co-ordinator

Mrs G Stronach

Assistant Headteacher

Miss K Terry

Subject Leader: History

Miss C Tompkins

Cover Supervisor

Mrs E Ward

Teacher : Science

Miss S Woods

Teacher : English

Stour Valley Community School
Cavendish Road, Clare, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 8PJ

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