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  • Computer Science

    Computer Science

At SVCS we have both dedicated Computing Science lessons and a cross-curricular approach to develop ICT Skill which means all departments use technology as part of normal subject teaching.

The emphasis in Computer Science lessons is to develop a student’s ability to use Computational Thinking to solve problems and create computer programs and applications as well as giving students an understanding of computer technology and how it works.

Every student has a private file storage space on the school’s computer network as well as an Office 365 account which can be accessed from home.


Is covered in both Computer Science and PSHE lessons annually by ALL students.

Key Stage 3

All students from Year 7 will start developing their programming and problem solving skills using Scratch as well as covering Units of work in Data Modelling, Collaborating Online and Using Media. In Year 8 students progress to building Websites in HTML and use the Python programming language and learning about Data Representation. During Year 9 students will start writing more advanced code in the Python programming language which is used for GCSE Computing Science at Key Stage 4. Additionally, Year 9 students cover units of work in Physical Computing, Cybersecurity, Data Science and App development.

Students develop a wide range of basic computer skills that include word processing, use of excel and databases as well as using the internet for academic research. All work covered at KS3 is completed using a variety of computer platforms and applications in our dedicated computer suites.

Key Stage 4

Exam Board: OCR

Course Code: J277

Course Title: Computer Science

Assessment overview

 Component  Marks Duration   Weighting  
Computer systems (01)  80 1 hour 30 mins  50% Calculators not allowed 
Computational thinking, algorithms and programming (02)  80 1 hour 30 mins  50%  Calculators not allowed


Content overview

Component 01: Computer systems

Introduces students to the central processing unit (CPU), computer memory and storage, data representation, wired and wireless networks, network topologies, system security and system software. It also looks at ethical, legal, cultural and environmental concerns associated with computer science.

Component 02: Computational thinking, algorithms and programming

Students apply knowledge and understanding gained in component 01. They develop skills and understanding in computational thinking: algorithms, programming techniques, producing robust programs, computational logic and translators.

Practical programming

Students are to be given the opportunity to undertake a programming task(s) during their course of study which allows them to develop their skills to design, write, test and refine programs using a high-level programming language. Students will be assessed on these skills during the written examinations, in particular component 02

Mr R Lee

Subject Leader: Computer Science / Yr 11 Leader, Designated Safeguarding Lead for E-Safety

Mrs H Porter

Teacher: Computer Science and Cover Supervisor

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