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  • Vision, Values and Aims
    Vision, Values and Aims

Our Vision

Central to our vision is the belief in the uniqueness of every student, and that every young person has gifts to discover and share with others. We are committed to building brighter futures for our students, our local community and the wider world. We want our students to be happy and confident, but also be caring and value diversity. Above all we want them to have a thirst for knowledge and a real enthusiasm for life.

Our Values

Be Kind, Be Brave, Be Ambitious, Collaborate

Our Aims

Stour Valley Community School will provide a broad and balanced curriculum which has been coherently planned and sequenced to inspire, challenge and safeguard all of our students.

We aim for all students to:

  • Achieve their potential through a culture of high academic, personal and social
  • expectations and aspirations alongside appropriate levels of challenge and support;
  • Have their needs met and be recognised as individuals through tailored programmes
  • of study which are underpinned by high quality inclusion and pastoral care systems;
  • Learn in a safe, healthy and stimulating environment;
  • Enjoy a broad extra-curricular programme which enables students to develop their experiences beyond the classroom and discover their latent talents;

We will provide the necessary experiences which will enable our students to become:

Successful learners, who:

  • Have the essential learning skills of literacy, numeracy and information technology;
  • Are creative, resourceful and able to solve problems with the knowledge and cultural capital to do so successfully;
  • Have enquiring minds and think for themselves to process information, reason,
  • question and evaluate;
  • Communicate effectively in a range of ways;
  • Understand how they learn, and learn from mistakes with a high level of resilience;
  • Are able to learn independently and as part of a team, being able to apply their
  • learning in relevant situations;
  • Understand the ideas and events which shape the modern world;
  • Enjoy learning and are motivated to become lifelong learners, having sufficient knowledge for skills and future learning and employment;
  • Are well prepared for life and able to adapt within a changing workplace.

Confident learners, who:

  • Have a sense of self-worth and believe in themselves;
  • Relate well to others and are able to form good relationships;
  • Are self-aware and deal with their emotions appropriately;
  • Have secure values and beliefs;
  • Become increasingly independent, and are able to take the initiative;
  • Make healthy lifestyle choices in relation to physical development and an activelifestyle whilst taking responsibility for their own physical and mental health;
  • Take managed risks and know how to keep themselves safe;
  • Are willing to try new things and make the most of opportunities presented to them.

Responsible citizens, who:

  • Are well prepared for life, work and independence;
  • Are enterprising and able to work co-operatively with others;
  • Respect others and act with integrity through well-developed spiritual, moral andsocial understanding;
  • Understand different cultures and traditions and understand their place in the world;
  • Appreciate diversity and the benefits it can bring;
  • Challenge injustice and are committed to human rights;
  • Maintain and improve the environment, both locally and globally;
  • Make choices which support current and future generations;
  • Are committed to change for the better.

Through our aims and  vision we intend for our students to be equipped to take their place in society as valued, economically independent, co-operative and motivated young adults with the necessary skills to lead successful and happy lives.

Be Kind
Be Brave
Be Ambitious

Stour Valley Community School
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